3 Secrets of the Irresistible Woman

Have you wondered why it is easier for some women to have men around them while for some others it is a different ball game?

The difference is in the traits they exhibit. Here are 3 secrets of the irresistible woman:

1. Self-confidence

Men are drawn to women who are self- confident. Mind you not cocky. Self-confident women show that they are proud of their abilities, know their worth and can add value. Men love such women especially the ones that are not liabilities.

2. Personality

Men are attracted to women who have endearing personalities i.e. women who are submissive yet have a voice and opinion of their own.

3. Happiness

Nobody wants to be around anybody that is a kill-joy. A man wants peace of mind, he would be happy to be around a woman that is full of gaiety and fun to be with.

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