Student Who Fell Asleep Wearing Earphone Wakes Up Deaf In One Ear

A student who fell asleep wearing ear buds has woken up DEAF in one ear.Doctors in Taiwan urge people who fall sleep while listening to music to think twice before doing so.

They also added that this particular student would have lost hearing in both of his ears if one of the ear buds had not fallen out while he was asleep.

The student, who has not been identified, luckily managed to gradually get his hearing back after almost falling victim to permanent hearing damage.

He was treated for five days at Asia University Hospital in Taichung City, Taiwan.

Dr Tian Huiji, director of otorhinolaryngology at the hospital, told OMG Taiwan that while people may listen to loud music during the day, it is far more dangerous to do the same at night.

The doctor explained that when sleeping the body’s blood circulation slows down.

This consequently leaves the highly-sensitive sensory hair cells in ears responsible for detecting sound-waves less able to protect our hearing from loud sounds.

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