VIDEO: Catholic Priest Slaps Baby During Christening

Shocking footage shows a Catholic priest violently slapping a baby in the face during a baptism to stop it crying.

The bawling baby is being held by its mother when the elderly priest takes a grip of its head with his hand.

The French-speaking priest repeatedly addresses the uncooperative baby while other members of the family watch silently.

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Suddenly, the priest appears unable to take it again and deals the hollering baby a quick slap in the face.

The person filming the ceremony is heard gasping as a man suspected to be the father tries to wrestle his baby from the priest.

The priest won’t let go, however, as he holds the stunned baby to his chest, with his hand over the baby’s face to muffle the howls.

See the YouTube video:

The dad however manages to rescue the child and glares at the priest before the footage cuts out.

The disturbing video, posted on Wednesday, has generated 245,898 views and 389 comments, but it is unclear where it was filmed.

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