Should Churches Tell Men To Cut Their Beards Before Joining Them In Marriage?

Beard is not indecency – Oreoluwa Imomoh

The church is meant to bless the marriage in the eyes of God; marriage is a union created by God and only God has the authority to give the conditions for the solemnisation of a wedding ceremony. Why do they have to go about dictating your looks and try to modify your image on your big day? I mean, it’s my wedding and if my hubby keeps beard, then accept him like that. Beard is not indecency. Before I got married, my husband had very full beard and the church did not ask him to shave off his beard for any reason.

The men in the Bible had beards – Dada Oluwaseun 

No, I won’t cut it. Even though I don’t like to contradict church rules, I don’t think it’s biblical, because even the pictures of  the biblical characters we grew up watching on TV and wall papers usually have beards. Beard is a natural gift from God to men so if a man wants to keep and groom his beard, that should not be a problem. If there is a problem with keeping a beard spiritually, I feel the Bible would have stated it clearly; God is not an author of confusion.

No, I don’t think it is right – Amaka Obiajulu

I feel it’s very wrong for them to tell men to cut their beard; the beard doesn’t have anything to do with our future. The beard cannot determine our life together, it is just a physical appearance he is comfortable with. Moreover, God doesn’t look at the outward appearance; God is more concerned about our character. God looks at the heart; it’s only human beings that look at our outward appearance.

It doesn’t make sense – Ben Akponine Samuel

Why should church attach importance to such frivolous thing as beard? What has beard got to do with being a good person or with righteousness? It is just the misplaced priority of the church. Some churches today will rather pay more attention to other things than preach about the most important thing-Salvation. It is not right and it makes no sense except the church is having a military or police mentality where personnel have to be clean-shaven.

It is not a sin to wear a beard – Oyinkansola Ige

Well, we have to understand why the church has given that kind of condition; it might be someone’s subjective reason, it might just be that the pastor hates beards. If I find myself in that situation I’ll need the church to give me detailed reasons why my husband to be has to cut his beard before our wedding. It is not a crime to wear beard as a man; God created men with their masculine features, and one of them is beard. So telling my man to cut his beard just because the pastor does not like men with beards is not right.

It is very wrong – Nurudeen Oyewole

Personally, I feel it gives room for speculations of likely occultic tendencies.  I think the church is suggesting that keeping a beard is a form of representing talibans. This means that there is a brand the church is trying to preserve through its members. It’s just the way banks instruct their workers to always wear suit to work just because of their brand. I see it as trying to keep up with a brand. Besides, of what significance will shaving of a beard serve?

I can allow him take it off just for the wedding – Susan Isu

What if I fell in love with my man because of his beard and that is what I like about him? However, if the church should insist that he has to shave his beard for our wedding to hold, then I will simply tell him to shave it off just for the sake of our wedding and after the wedding, he can always grow his beard back. But I won’t call off my wedding in the church just because of beard. The church has the right to give such directive- Akinrimoyo Alex

I will say yes the church has the right to say that, it all depends on you to agree or not. And you know what, most churches are talking about doctrines these days. If you do not agree with the doctrines of a particular church, you are free to leave the church. As human beings, we are entitled to freedom of association. Every church has its own doctrines that represent what they stand for and most of the time people attend the churches based on the fact that they can conform to their doctrines.

No portion of the Bible against wearing beards – Bridget Chiekwe  –

I think it is even ridiculous to bring up the issue of beard because it holds no importance in marital discourse. It is a very personal issue and not an issue for the church. The church should not have any business with how my husband-to-be decides to look on our wedding day. It is our day and we can decide to do whatever we want to do. The appearance of a groom and a bride during their wedding ceremony should reflect their personality. The good thing is that I only follow what the Bible says. And there is no part of the Bible that states that a man should not keep his beard. So if my husband-to-be has been grooming his beard for five, six years, he will have to cut it just because he wants to get married in a church?

Only my parents dictate how I look on my wedding day – Adebanji Ayeni

  I think it is actually insane that we have given the church the role of our parents so much that children in few years might question the authority of the parent. I feel when it comes to the issue of something as personal as a beard; the only person that has the power to tell a man to cut his beard is probably his parents or his wife. And this is wrong; the church is only supposed to give instructions to their members based on the commandments of God. For example, the only people allowed to dictate how I look on my wedding day are my parents and the parents of my bride; because the Bible instructs us to honour our father and our mother so that our days will be long on earth. Other people are only allowed to give advice.



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