Emirates Flight Attendant Punch, Tie-up 71-year-old Nigerian Man [Photos]

There’s outrage as a 71-year-old Nigerian man, David Ukesone,  narrated how he was punched and tied up for hours on an Emirates flight which he’d boarded to reunite with his family in the United States.

According to Ukesone’s lawyer, the grandpa was eight hours away from landing at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport when the incident occurred.

Speaking with ABC News, he said the dispute began when Ukesone miscalculated and sat on a wrong seat after he went to use the loo.

“He apparently sits in the wrong seat and was told to change seats by a flight attendant. He didn’t think he was in the wrong seat and there was an argument and, at some point, he was hit.

“He also believed he was “in the right” and didn’t understand why they wanted him to move. They told him he was in the wrong seat and they laid hands on him to move him and that’s when everything escalated,” attorney Howard Schaffner said.


Mr Ukesone’s bruised face. Image: Sun

The argument intensified and a member of the flight crew allegedly struck him leaving him with a swollen face.

As a result of the attack, Ukesone had wounds on his wrists and ankles which is caused by a rope allegedly used to restrain him. His mouth was also reported to have been taped and the flight crew allegedly left him alone to ride out the rest of flight without any food or water.

Emirates Airlines released a statement Monday morning confirming that the incident occurred, but Ukesone’s lawyer said that he had earlier flew from Nigeria to Dubai before the trip to Chicago “with no incident at all.”

He adds that Ukesone speaks and understands English, but “has some difficulty understanding” it when it’s spoken by someone who isn’t Nigerian.

It is not yet clear what steps the family is taking to seek redress.

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